Not many companies have been able to stand the test of time. Baker Whitney Oil Company has not only been able to continue to bring uncompromising value to their customers, but they have continued to operate a family run business for generations. Formed in 1935, Baker Whitney Oil Company has changed with the times to ensure our customers always receive exceptional service.

With professional and experienced technicians who are trained to deliver safe and reliable service, Baker Whitney Oil Company employs only the best to ensure excellence. When you interact with a Baker Whitney Oil Company employee you will meet someone driven to be the best – driven to deliver great service.

Great service is also about trust. Trust that technicians, drivers, and customer service personnel have received the most up to date training available. Trust that service equipment and delivery vehicles are properly maintained. Trust that when you call Baker Whitney Oil Company you get everything you could possibly expect and more.




"Baker-Whitney Oil Company has been a great provider for my family and I for over twenty years. They are knowledgeable, professional and always there when we need them most."

Jane Q. - Acton Mass